Industry Profile - Food

South Australia is home to a world class agriculture, food and wine industry. The Barossa Region takes pride in producing some of the best premium food and wine in the world – produced sustainably in a clean and safe environment. The Barossa region has a rich and flavourful food culture that has a culinary heritage linked to German and English settlement in the 1840’s. More than 50 artisan food producers, more than 80 cafes and restaurants offering artisan food prepared with care and passion telling a story of time-honoured recipes passed down through six generations.

The total land area within the Barossa Region is 310,300 ha with agricultural land comprising of 268,323 ha.

South Australia’s total agricultural gross value production is valued at $5,366,480,100 of which the Barossa Regions contribution is 7.2%

Three major contributors to the Region`s agricultural output are broadacre cropping, livestock and fruit production.

There is a diverse range of agriculture production within the Region.

Number of farms:

  • 110 pig,
  • 130 chicken,
  • 1104 sheep,
  • 864 cattle,
  • 172 alpaca,
  • 19 deer,
  • 101 oilseeds,
  • 550 grapes,
  • 78 fruit.