About Regional Development Australia

RDA Barossa Gawler Light Adelaide Plains (RDA BGLAP) is a group of industry leaders drawn from across the region and supported by all 3 tiers of government to identify economic opportunity and challenges – and ways to address them – for the region.

In addition to targeted investment attraction, investor information and regional analysis, RDA BGLAP delivers a range of services to business to support better business performance so not only do new businesses invest but existing business thrive and create jobs as well.

If you wish to contribute to our knowledge of the region or raise an issue contact one of our board members or RDA BGLAP staff.

Alternatively put your ideas into our business survey, a key source of information and ideas from regional business.

RDA BGLAP is a partnership between the Australian, South Australian and local government (Town of Gawler, Adelaide Plains Council, The Barossa Council and Light Regional Council) to develop and strengthen our regional community.

These three levels of government have invested in RDA BGLAP to deliver economic development services in the region.

Our staff have strong networks across government and experience in working with various government agencies and programs.

They also, importantly, have extensive private sector experience and knowledge in developing business plans and initiatives to drive growth.

We encourage you to access our services, advice and assistance as you develop and implement your business concept.

Services We Offer

  • Investment Attraction and Regional Information
  • Industry Development and Investor assistance
  • Access to business services and growth strategies
  • Advocacy and business case development for regional infrastructure and investment
  • Community consultation and facilitation

Regional Development Australia Program

Regional Development Australia Charter