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Our business services can help you grow your business and take it to the next level. Our highly skills staff can help guide you through your business expansion plans, whether it be to enter a new market, launch a new product or expand your operations.

Investment Assistance

RDA seeks to drive inward investment to our region and to grow the South Australian economy. We aim to achieved this through diversification of agriculture, tourism, food and wine sectors. We seek to capture value through partnerships, deliver jobs growth and build return on investment that sustains the regional economy.
RDA provides a point of contact for investors requiring assistance with:

  • Regional information to guide investment decisions;
  • Liaison with Industry Groups, Local and State Government on investment proposals;
  • Advice on the planning and development processes in South Australia;
  • Links to our Business to Business network to find local businesses to assist in advancing your investment;
  • Information on skills and workforce development;
  • Links to new technologies, services or processes which may capture value for your investment;
  • Information on government grants; and
  • Inclusion in our regional investment prospectus.


There are all kinds of grants available which you may be eligible for. For more information see our grants page.

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