Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme

Project Overview

  • The schemes focus is to transport 12 Gigalitres (GL) of high quality treated recycled water from the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant via new infrastructure for advanced horticulture and high-tech food production to a new area north of the Gawler River.
  • NAIS will transform the region into a national leader in intensive, high-tech food production, enabling South Australia to be competitive in the export market, as well as driving employment growth and attracting new skills and talent into the state.
  • NAIS will have an initial capacity of 12 (GL) but it will be built to enable 20 GL capacity, providing for and future growth.

Significant economic benefits for the State

To support the 12 GL pa scheme;

  • $1.1 billion private sector investment
  • 3,700 jobs to operate, maintain and
    manage the businesses
  • $578 million annual increase in Gross
    State Product

Price of Recycled Water

  • The price of NAIS recycled water offered in the call for project proposals includes three

    1. $0.99/KL for 600 TDS
    2. $0.49/KL for 1165 TDS
    3. Project proposal determines price and water quality
  • In all three cases a capital contribution (once only) of $2.90/KL is also required
  • Different product categories can support different prices. E.g. premium agri-foods grown in high-tech, water-efficient greenhouses can bear higher prices.
  • The Virginia Pipeline Scheme is an existing scheme that is separate from NAIS and priced independently.
  • Interstate utilities recently shared with SA Water on a confidential basis details on their recycled water pricing into irrigation areas. NAIS is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive compared to other horticulture areas interstate. VPS is amongst the cheapest if not the cheapest.
    NAIS is the only scheme we encountered for which economic development was the primary

Selection Process

  • SA Water has awarded the first Design and Construct contract to the Leed-Valoriza Joint Venture (LV) for $44million, which includes full detailed design of all scope elements, with construction for the transfer pipeline and pump station plus bulk earthworks for the new treatment plant.
  • SA Water has also awarded the second Design and Construct contract to the Leed-Valoriza Joint Venture (LV). This covers the new treatment plant, managed aquifer recharge at Bolivar, earth bank storage near Two Wells and reticulation mains.
  • The JV is amongst a number of leading proponents from the Call for Project Proposals short listed for negotiations towards Water Supply Agreements.
  • A number of proponents not short listed will be invited to work with SA Water to further develop their project proposals.
  • SA Water is doing a broader mail out to a number of areas identified through the proposal process to determine potential additional demand that may exist.
  • The total demand of all interest submitted through the Call for Project Proposals exceeded the 12GL stage 1 capacity.