B2B Support

Businesses are facing very difficult challenges and opportunities at the moment, with COVID-19 and RDABGLAP is working on additional ways to support your business to make the best they can of the current crisis.

We have launched a tailored service to business during this time based on an understanding of critical issues facing business now. The below services may be accessed as a single service or as a package by any business in Barossa Gawler Light Adelaide Plains area:

B2B Services targeting:

  • Cash Flow planning and management
  • HR responses in uncertain times( for example- Policies and Procedures around Staff working at home , or managing reduced or suspended staff hours during the COVID-19)
  • Digital technologies and especially E -Commerce support to keep your business in the game – and maybe ahead of it, with new on-line sale platforms.
  • Support to identify and access government support packages

All our standard RDA B2B Support Services are also available to you.  There is a reduced, nominal fee to access the targeted services set out above to make it easier for businesses in this time:  drop a line to Trevor Taylor, RDA’s Entrepreneurship and Business Growth Strategist (trevor@barossa.org.au) to talk about your business challenges or opportunities and access targeted and professional support to help you. We are doing our best to support business at this time, and we want to know how we can help your business.


We will also be sending out WEBINAR links ,so if you wish to receive these links please forward your details to admin@barossa.org.au, and we will tag your businesses for all future B2B communication.