Skilled Migration

The skilled migration programme looks to help employers find skilled workers when they cannot fill vacant positions from their local workforce.

The Department of Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE), through Immigration SA, is the South Australian government's key economic development agency who manages, in accordance with the Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), all visa enquiries and applications to ensure appropriate and sustainable growth for businesses in South Australia.  

Information most relevant to prospective migrants include General Skilled Migration, Employer Sponsored Migration and Business Migration.


Employer Sponsorship Options for Regional Business

Your business can sponsor a skilled worker from overseas for permanent residence using the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, commonly referred to as RSMS. The position you offer must be full-time, ongoing and be remunerated according to Australia industrial requirements and meet labour market testing criteria.  In South Australia, RSMS nominations are certified by Immigration SA.

For more information about the RSMS and the certification process contact Immigration SA.  For more information about how theRSMS works and RSMS criteria contact DIAC.

If a shorter arrangement would suit, your business can sponsor a skilled worker from overseas for temporary residence for any period between 1 day and four years. Commonly referred to as Temporary (or 457) Business Long Stay, businesses must be able to demonstrate their commitment to training and their industrial relations record.  A nominated position must offer market salary rates that are above the current Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT).  The occupation must also be one that is approved for nomination – see Occupations Approved for Temporary Business Nomination.

More detailed information about Temporary (or 457) Business Long Stay sponsorship for employers can be found here.

There are other employer sponsorship mechanisms that may be suitable for your business.  Information about those mechanisms can be found here.

Need more help?

If you are a South Australian employer and you have some specific questions, DIAC has a South Australian based Regional Outreach Officer who can assist with enquiries.  You can find their contact details at

If you are a South Australian employer and you have some specific questions about the RSMS or the certification process contact the Employer Sponsored Migration Unit at Immigration SA:

Telephone: 8303 2173

You may also find the following information sheets useful when considering employer sponsorship.

Can’t find Skilled Workers?

Sourcing Skilled Migrants

Positive Settlement Experiences

Skilled Migration – for Skilled Migrants

Are you considering relocating to the Barossa region? 

If you're researching migration to South Australia, with a view to living in the Barossa region, you may wish to start with the following information:

Information for prospective migrants about General Skilled MigrationEmployer Sponsored Migration and Business Development Migration can be found on the DIAC website.  More general information relating to visa options can be reached here or if you’re in Australia, by using the 131 881 general enquires number.

For questions about South Australia’s State Migration Plan and eligibility for State Sponsorship under the State Migration Plan contact Immigration SA:

General Skilled Migration 

Telephone: 8303 2221

Information for prospective migrant considering Business Development migration can be reached here.  Questions regarding South Australian State Sponsorship under the business skills program can be found here.  For more information contact Immigration SA:

Business Development Migration
Telephone: 8303 2354

Please note: Immigration SA is not able to provide language services.

  • More general infomation relating to Visa options on DIACs website can be reached here or the general enquires number of 131 881.
  • More general infomation relating to business development and Visa options on DTEDs website can be reached here.
  • For more specific questions, DIAC has a South Australian based Industry and Outreach Officer who is available for any questions you may have.  His details are as follows:

    Jan Schmortte and Sarah Phillips, Industry and Outreach Officer | Mobile phone number: 0434 076 437