Employer of Choice

Employer of Choice

Recognising that as an Employer of Choice in a Region of Choice we are committed to modern work practices and strategies that attract and retain skilled workers in our region.

  1. Recruitment and Selection strategies that effectively attract and retain skilled workers.
  2. Flexible policies and practices that support work-life balance including but not restricted to such activities as flexible working hours, part-time work arrangements, job sharing, telecommuting, carer's & bereavement leave, recreational leave and leave for community activities
  3. Rewards & Benefits every worker is entitled to the protection of minimum standards as mandated by law. In addition to income, employees are recognised and rewarded for their individual & team contributions and achievements.
  4. Workplace Culture that encourages a culture of new ideas, fun and mutual respect. It provides for open communication and allows for regular and constructive feedback acknowledging employees contributions.
  5. Leadership & Management Strategies that increase engagement between employees and management contributing to an overall vision that motivates employees to achieve organisational goals and objectives.
  6. Induction, Training and Development strategies that invest in employees by helping them to settle into their new role and provides ongoing training that encourages continual learning and professional development. Investing in career planning to encourage retainment and also to assist with sustainable growth and succession planning.
  7. Safe and Healthy Workplace strategies that provide a safe work environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  8. Legislative Requirements in regard to employment laws and regulations applicable in Australia including industrial relations practices and common law.



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Angie Kruger

Barossa Campus Student Coordinator
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