RDA Barossa Gawler Light and Adelaide Plains works closely with business and industry to understand their skills gaps and training needs to develop tailored training programs designed to fill this gap.  The Department of State Development’s WorkReady Jobs First Employment Project provides the avenue for RDA to apply for funding to deliver such training programs.

Programs target people who are disconnected from learning, training and work, in tailored workforce participation projects by:

-          Providing people with the skills to succeed in training and employment

-          Providing employers with access to skilled workers at the time that they need them

The program prepares job seekers for further education and sustainable employment through projects which combine career services, accredited and non-accredited training, individual and family case management, structures mentoring, and post-participation and post-employment support.

Regional training programs

-          Are locally developed and delivered

-          Are aligned to State Government training and workforce participation priorities

-          Build participants’ ability to succeed in training and employment

-          Provide skill development and training that matches the needs of local employers, therefore increasing the employment opportunities.

-          Provide career services that help participants to make informed decisions about education training and work, and then to act on their decisions.

Who is eligible?

Projects are delivered to people you are not in the labour force but who want to work, or are unemployed, underemployed (working, on average, less than 17 hours per week) or at risk of losing their job. Some eligibility requirements apply for Job Services Australia providers and Disability Employment Service clients.

For employers:

Are you an employer or industry body who knows that there is a need to additional training in certain areas?

We want to speak with you.  We need to know what you need so that we can help you.

For participants

Are you looking for work, but need some more training or help with your resume? RDA Barossa has the complete package to help you present yourself well, get trained and get a job.

We are here to help you.