The Barossa region, as defined by the South Australian State Government, encompasses the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Barossa, Gawler, Light and Mallala. The Department of State Development supports the Barossa Jobs & Skills Network in providing employment and training opportunities within the region.

The Barossa region has a relatively young population profile, with above average proportions of school-aged and younger children and people aged between 45 and 64 years. The region has high proportions of families with children. There have been above average population increases over recent years, and the population is projected to continue to grow at a rate higher than the State average.

Key labour force indicators for the Barossa region show above average labour force participation rates, and low levels of unemployment. Residents of the region are represented highly in trades, production and labouring occupations. Just over 40% of residents work in areas outside the region, an indicator more of the close proximity to the Adelaide metropolitan area and central business district rather than a shortage of employment within the region.

The general level of education and qualifications in the Barossa region is below the State average, with low levels of school achievement and post-school qualifications.

With relatively low unemployment rates and high workforce participation, the population of the Barossa region is relatively secure in economic terms. The region records above average income levels and high proportions of houses with mortgages, and below average levels of income support recipients.