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Creating & Maintaining Consistent High Performance in your Workplace and Balancing your Lifestyle Environment

Tue, Aug. 27, 2019
7:30am — 8:45am
Cafe Nova 19 Murray Street
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Tony will cover the main traits in staying in the zone of high performance as well as balancing your lifestyle, with a presentation on:

• Defining High Performance
What does a high performance environment look like? We explore the determining factors involved with this area, state of mind, along with actions for positive outcomes. We also take you through a series of Physical, Nutritional and Mental checklists to assist your progress along with your unique energy audit.

• Resilience and Durability
Resilience can be implemented once the areas or hot spots have been determined. Resilience can take many forms and is highly successful for those wishing for a highly productive output.
Learning about what you can & can’t control and the ability to move forward creates mental clarity, focus and energy for participants.

• Support structures and Circle of influence
Surround yourself with positive and influential people that will assist you on your journey in work and life. This is a really powerful technique utilising your own Circle and areas for support. You will have the opportunity to define these important people that can support your goals and ambitions.

• Obstacle to opportunity
Are you the Victim or Victor. It really is a state of mind and perception.  Using communication, mind mapping and a series of steps, we explore certain situations and how we act or react especially under pressure. We engage and discuss this as a group exercise to complete a fantastic session.

PROFILE - Tony Neill
Tony, delivers a range of dynamic seminars & workshops to assist, motivate & inspire your employees in, and away from work, creating a balanced and productive workforce. With over 20 years experience presenting tailored programs in both the Corporate & Sporting domains, sessions are designed with a large variety of topics available including: Professional Development, Team and Individual Performance, Work-life balance, Health & Wellbeing. With the focus on providing tools, techniques and everyday lifestyle options for participants, input is warmly encouraged during these sessions.
With an extensive background in both Corporate training, and the Sports training arenas, the close collaboration of these areas come into play in Tony’s presentations with a fusion of Physical, Nutritional and Mental aspects.

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