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RDA Barossa wins National EDA Award

Posted 12th October 2016 by RDA Barossa

RDA Barossa in partnership with Chris Sands won a National Award from Economic Development Australia in the Category of marketing and promotions for the “Extraordinary Everyday Barossa” project.

 “This project promotes the Barossa region and the interesting people and place experiences that make our region so special” says Craig Grocke, project manager from RDA Barossa, and award recipient on behalf of RDA Barossa.

For our team at RDA Barossa it is important to understand what makes our Region ‘tick’. With this project, our aim was to explore what local people experience as their everyday, but for others, especially visitors outside the region, is something quite extraordinary. Chris Sands has done a fabulous job as an ‘outsider’ revealing what us ‘insiders’ take for granted.

The project will also form part of an Exhibition titled “Extraordinary Everyday Barossa” at the next Barossa Vintage Festival in April 2017.Craig EDA award

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