Thinking Barossa - Useful Links

  • "For sustainable development to become a reality, the basis on which cities and regions compete for trade, investment, and development will need to change to one based more on mutual cooperation and collaboration."

RDA Barossa in early 2012 will be undertaking 'cluster' mapping in order to assist the sustainable development of the Barossa Region.  The project will be a big task but absolutely necessary to ensure our complete understanding of the region, its potential for collaboration and overall sustainable growth.  The above quote came from the Asian Development Bank's "Competitive Cities in the 21st Century: Cluster Based Local Economic Development". Released 28th Nov 2011.

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  • Envisioning Emerging Technologies for 2012 and beyond.

Envisioning Technologies is a framework for visualizing the future of technology, attempting to demonstrate for different areas of research cluster - and speculating about when said technologies are bound to become mainstream.  Designed and developed by Mitchell Zappa, a London-based technologist and designer, whose interest lies in thinking about the future of technology and how society adapts to its rapid change.

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This article discusses how government agencies and businesses in general are making the transition towards a "low carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive green future".