World Heritage Listing - Mount Lofty Ranges Agrarian Landscape

Mountlofty WHB

Why make the Mount Lofty Ranges a UNESCO World Heritage area?

UNESCO World Heritage listing of the agricultural landscapes of the Mount Lofty Ranges would put our region on the world stage for the long-term benefit of our food, wine and tourism industries. It would celebrate our diverse and dynamic agricultural landscapes and underpin the state’s aims to nurture innovative manufacturing enterprise, and cultivate premium food and wine from our clean environment.

What is the nomination process?
The bid is currently being progressed by a consortium of six councils in partnership with Regional Development Australia Barossa and the University of Adelaide. The process comprises two stages: inclusion on Australia’s National Heritage list followed by a bid for World Heritage listing. Our bid process has a core ambition to promote collaboration between all tiers of government and the private sector to deliver real and lasting economic, cultural and environmental benefits to the region.

Mount Lofty Ranges World Heritage Bid update as of June 2015:

  • Research and investigation into the creation of a Regional Subsidiary under Section 43 of the Local Government Act is underway for fluid multi-stakeholders involvement and to establish a board with the relevant expertise to guide the Executive Officer and council staff to deliver the project over the long term.
  • The 6 Advisory Groups continue to investigate and draft supporting material for the bid process including Governance models, criteria to establish the bid boundary, marketing and branding, research to determine ‘unique values’, the economic benefits of listing and lobbying Government to support the bid.
  • A number of University sponsored research projects are underway looking at character values and methods for character and landscape assessment to provide material substance to the bid.
  • Alongside establishing the steps of the bid process, content and management structure, is the network of promotion and information activities to engender a broader understand of the bid as a ‘working agrarian landscape’ which is different to a ‘listed’ historical site and the position of the EPBC Act as it relates to the bid.

Planning Impact Statement #1

World Heritage Listing Flyer

For more information please visit our website: or contact Stephanie Johnson on 0400 738 844. 


Important advancements and information

  • Since 1 June 2012 when the World Heritage Site Listing for the Mount Lofty Ranges Agrarian Landscape Feasibility Study was presented to the Mount Lofty Ranges Working Group the four affected Councils; The Barossa Council, Adelaide Hills Council, the District Council of Mount Barker and The City of Onkapringa, as well as the University of Adelaide and RDA (Regional Development Australia) Barossa have been working solidly to advance this project in line with the findings of the Study for the Mount Loft Ranges to be listed as a World Heritage Site.
  • The Mount Lofty Ranges bid will be based on South Australia's history of systematic colonisation and our association with some of the greatest 19th century thinkers, including John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham.
  • National Heritage Listing is a prerequisite for the Australian government to get behind a World Heritage bid.
Next Steps
  • The next stage of the project is to seek National Heritage listing from the Australian government over the next few years while preparing for World Heritage nomination. Since the delivery of the feasibility study 12 months ago a governance structure has been put in place involving four councils.
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