RDA Barossa Upcoming Events http://barossa.org.au/home/upcoming-events/ B2B Breakfast - Super, Insurance & Beneficiaries http://barossa.org.au/home/upcoming-events/b2b-breakfast-super-insurance-and-beneficiaries/?date=2017-03-29 <p>Leticia Leggett of Organic Wealth will present at the March B2B Breakfast about the upcoming changes from the 1st of July to your Super, Insurance and Beneficiaries.  This is something that impacts all of us and is something we should know about!</p> <p>This FREE business breakfast is a great opportunity for you to learn, network and secure your future!</p> Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:58:50 +1030 http://barossa.org.au/home/upcoming-events/b2b-breakfast-super-insurance-and-beneficiaries/?date=2017-03-29 Brand Building and IP Protection http://barossa.org.au/home/upcoming-events/brand-/?date=2017-04-04 <p>This interactive workshop for the food &amp; beverage industry will enhance your knowledge of international market entry, IP protection and brand building.</p> <p>FIAL and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, along with RDA Barossa present this exciting half day workshop aimed at helping Australian businesses in the food and beverage industry who are currently engaging or looking to engage internationally to:</p> <ul><li>Build your brand internationally</li> <li>Learn how to protect your brand and IP</li> </ul><p>This workshop will cover the following:</p> <ul><li>Getting export ready, product readiness,and market entry options</li> <li>Overview of e-commerce</li> <li>Marketing, social media and building your brand internationally</li> <li>IP protection and international contracts</li> <li>Avoiding substitution and counterfeiting</li> </ul><p>This interactive workshop for the food &amp; beverage industry will enhance your knowledge of international market entry, IP protection and brand building.</p> Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:52:34 +1030 http://barossa.org.au/home/upcoming-events/brand-/?date=2017-04-04 Food Safety Short Course http://barossa.org.au/home/upcoming-events/food-safety-course/?date=2017-04-04 <p><a href="http://barossa.org.au/assets/Uploads/Flyers/NON-RDAB-FLYERS/Food-Safety-Course-Adelaide-Plains.pdf"><img class="left" title="" src="http://barossa.org.au/assets/Uploads/_resampled/resizedimage600848-Food-Safety-Course-Adelaide-Plains.jpg" alt="Food Safety Course Adelaide Plains" width="600" height="848"></a></p> Fri, 17 Mar 2017 15:01:25 +1030 http://barossa.org.au/home/upcoming-events/food-safety-course/?date=2017-04-04