Transforming Business 2017 - Workshops

WORKSHOP 1: Improve your business using Office 365– practical insights for business owners and managers.

This workshop, presented by Datacom's Jonathon Kaesler, will showcase how business owners and managers can increase productivity and collaboration in their business using Microsoft Office 365. Participants will learn some key capabilities including Teams, Staff Hub, OneNote, One Drive for Business and Yammer.  These will help your team achieve more IN your business and FOR your customers.

WORKSHOP 2: Learn how to link your business to 889 million monthly users! And use its financial Apps.

Wayne Chao, I AGE Media, will take you through an introduction of WeChat, the Chinese version of Facebook.  He will explore the business models and opportunities behind WeChat to benefit Australian businesses targeting the Chinese market. He will discuss WeChat's various functions such as payment options, chat and services for business use, and how to market your business through sales, branding, networking.

WORKSHOP 3: Virtual Reality - Its relevance to Tourism, Business and Arts!

Virtual Reality and 360 degree video are some of the latest innovations when it comes to digital engagement. Matthew Bennett from Country Arts SA states, "while a lot of the focus is on the use of Virtual Reality in gaming, there is huge potential for arts and tourism industries when it comes to VR". So join Matthew in this workshop to explore the many uses of Virtual Reality including virtual art exhibitions, guided tours, interactive story-telling and immersive theatre or musical performances. This is your opportunity to test out Virtual Reality for yourself.