Barossa Character Preservation

Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale Character Preservation amendment

The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale character preservation amendment  (PDF 1.6MB) is on public consultation from 26 August 2013 until 8 October 2013.

The Character Preservation Acts for Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale recognise and protect the special character of the two districts, and aim to restrict land division for housing and prevent inappropriate development. The Acts became operational on 18 January 2013.

This proposed amendment is to the South Australian Planning Strategy. It will incorporate information that relates to character values into two volumes of the strategy:

The amendment describes the special character of each district in terms of the five values identified in the legislation:

  • the rural and natural landscape and visual amenity of the district
  • the heritage attributes of the district
  • the built form of the townships as they relate to the district
  • the viticultural, agricultural and associated industries of the district
  • the scenic and tourism attributes of the district.

The community information sheet  (PDF 693KB) provides more details about the proposed amendment and the amendment process.

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Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale protection legislation

The iconic Barossa Valley will now be protected from residential subdivision, with the passing of the Character Preservation (Barossa Valley) Bill 2012.

Legislation aimed at protecting the Barossa Valley passed the Upper House on October 31 with no further amendments. The bill was then finalised in the Lower House around 3pm on November 1. Under the legislation nearly 150,000 hectares will be preserved from urban sprawl.

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