Barossa Sustainable Environs Committee







The Barossa Sustainable Environs Committee (BSEC) is an initiative of the RDA Barossa but driven by industry. It researches and looks at ways to advance sustainable options for the Barossa region. Key focus areas are water, energy and waste.

There is significant interest in renewable energy but so much information to decipher from technical, commercial and political perspectives, that it can be conflicting and confusing. The committee was formed to collectively sift the information and become a viable resource for informing and supporting the community and industry within the region to implement sustainable options. Their primary charter includes creating demand for sustainable energy options by providing a combination of education, facilitation and advocacy. The committee is keen to establish and help create demand for commercial renewable energy installations and look at collaborating with university research projects which benefit the Region.

Water is a finite resource that needs to be thought about in a different way at all levels, community, industry and government. Industries in the Barossa region rely heavily on this resource and it is imperative that we address it's shortage and how we can use it in a more robust and rigourous manner. We need to be smarter in our approach to water usage.

More effective and efficient waste removal, recycle and re-use options are included in the committee's research and ultimately implementable approach to sustainability; including industry to residential demands.

BSEC forms the core of the steering committee to implement and manage the region’s commitment to environmental management, waste and water and reduction in energy use and emissions as set out in the Climate Change Sector Agreement entered into in May 2011 between RDA Barossa and the Premier of South Australia. The Committee is targeting projects to implement and measuring the region’s progress in awareness and action for good environmental management.

The Barossa Sustainable Environs Committee is made up of Kathy Coombs of Barossa Environmental as Chair (front); Gayle Greiger (Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board) Ian Baldwin (Barossa Council), Andrew Philpott (Light Regional Council), Gary Mavrinac (District Council of Mallala), Charlotte Williams (RDA Barossa) John McArthur (Town of Gawler), Mark Anderson (Tarac Technologies), Amy Heinicke (Langmeil Wines) (absent) ,Anne Moroney and Craig Grocke (both absent) of RDA Barossa.

To learn more about the Committee, or if you require any additional information on the projects, please contact or call 08 8563 3603.