Agri-Preneurs Get Started Program

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Introducing “Agri-Preneurs” to sustainable food systems, with a focus on the permaculture lifestyle. Work one on one with a mentor to assist in creating a smart sustainable solution for  your patch of dirt. Discover opportunities to add additional value and maintain a viable product  through smart planning. Participate as a group network to create a market project and gain the  essential business knowledge and skills to be market ready.

Participants will be individuals with access to a patch of arable land to generate an income  stream or value add to existing farm revenues by creating a sustainable growing area for all  seasons. The program consists of a mixture of workshops, site tours, individualised mentoring, “How to” expert assistance and  practical participation.

Participants gain knowledge and support to create a new micro growing business or value add  to current farm product, be able to confidently take new products to your chosen market and  get connected with available networks and business supports within the local area.

To register your Expression of Interest or if you need further information contact:

Angie Kruger

E:             T:  08 8563 3603                M: 0499 713 116