About Business & Economic Development


Business Assistance Services

Regional Development Australia Barossa Galwer Light Adelaide Plains Inc provides assistance for those about to enter business or for those already in business. 

Services provided include assistance with the following:

  • Business name registration
  • Human Resource & Industrial Relations
  • Business structures
  • Operations management
  • Licences & approvals
  • Intellectual Property management
  • Access to ATO information
  • Process improvement
  • Legal & statutory requirements
  • Training programmes
  • Business plan development
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Marketing plans & programmes
  • Mentoring
  • Financial management
  • Export













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Engaging with Industry & Stakeholder groups

We also work with regional stakeholder and industry groups to:

  • facilitate the growth of regional industries by working with various industry associations;
  • collaborate with other interested parties to design and implement regional marketing initiatives;
  • attract potential investors into the region; and
  • assist in planning for infrastructure developments within the region

Export Assistance 

We can provide assistance and provide links to information on:-

  • Getting started as an exporter
  • Potential markets
  • Overseas business practices and etiquette
  • Overseas import regulations
  • Promoting exports through Austrade’s export database and web site service
  • How to find out about international markets
  • Industries in target markets
  • Relevant export assistance schemes
  • Attracting foreign investment
  • Austrade events - including upcoming seminars and trade exhibitions

Chinese Opportunities

South Australia – China B2B Platform for SMEs - invitation

South Australia – China B2B Platform for SMEs - application

Our Economic Development team often hold events that not everyone can come along to as much as we would like them too, and they would too!  To address this, we place as much of the information made available at the event online.

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Sarah Treasure

Economic Development Executive – Innovation & Project Management
08 8563 3603
0424 952 098
007 Crocke CSA 3947

Craig Grocke

Economic Development Executive – Spatial Planning and Place Management
61 8 8563 3603
0421 413 010